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You can felt!  
Workshops for adults or children take place in the Kreuzberg studio. Within 3 hours, novices learn to felt while making an 
object of their own choosing, e.g. a hat, picture or bag. Nearly every idea can be realized except larger objects, they require more time.
A program for next quarter's felt dates will be published. If you register interest, you will be informed by e-newsletter.
If you are planning a trip to Berlin and would like to schedule felting time, or consider a felting party for friends or children,
please send an e-mail. It is possible to arrange workshops outside the studio as well as outside Berlin.
Possibilities for felting include 
flat pieces pictures, scarves, chair pads, table runners,
game "boards"
hollow objects hats, bowls, wrist warmers,
cushion covers
solid shapes beads, balls, bangles, rope,
dolls and animal figures
Nuno felt laminate fabrics
with wool for thin, flexible items
Creative, experimental
such as sculpture, appliqu
é, material combinations
Of course, large objects, clothing, or rugs can be felted, too.
Since such projects require space and time, the number of
participants is limited.