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For me, wool is a wonderfully expressive material. It is pliable, touchable and it carries warmth and memory naturally. To reinforce the effect, it can be combined with other fibres, with paper, metal, wood, found bits can be integrated into a felted piece. The titles of exhibitions during the years she has lived in Berlin stirs her: feeling, memory, time, places, play. This must be due in part to her biography, experiences from a life in motion, geographically and professionally, with a love for people, history, animals, words and far away places.


Exhibitions from 2002

Gefühlswelt (world of feeling)
Berlin-Kreuzberg 2002

Gefühl ist alles. (a quote from Goethe: Feeling is everything)
Museum Soltau (Lower Saxony) 2003

Von Zeit zu Zeit (from time to time)
Museum Goslar (Lower Saxony) 2004

Gefühl ist alles Polnisches Haus, Berlin 2005 with Ewa Nagorska Alles ist im Fluss (everything is in flux)
48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin 2006
with Ute Siebert Alles fließt (panda rei, all flows)
Galerie auf Zeit, Cottbus (Brandenburg) 2006

Behausungen (shelters)
Gerichtshöfe, Berlin 2006
with Lizzy Mayrl and Ute Siebert


          Winterspiel (winter game)
Kaspar-Hauser-Zentrum, Berlin 2007
with Ute Siebert Ist mir das Hemd näher als der Rock? (Is the shirt closer than the jacket?) 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin 2007 Erbgut (inheritance/genes)
Law offices Raumerstraße, Berlin 2007

Päckchen für Kirgistan (package to Kyrgystan)
Museum Bishkek, Kyrgistan, 2008
30/30 galerie malerei &graphik, Berlin 2008 group exhibition UnOrt (no place)
48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin 2008

Gefühlte Temperatur (felt temperature)
Kreishaus Goslar (Lower Saxony) 2008
Group exhibition
           Time Warp *

           48 hours Neukölln, Berlin 2010




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