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Art on the head!

Art to use










Hats that talk

and other head dressings



What’s on your head?

Shouldn’t it reflect what’s in it?

Courage, independence, openness, pep, style!









Of course, it should sit well on your head, be practical, provide the right amount of warmth - and leave creative possibilities for draping and shaping to make it your very own. There shouldn’t be another one like it on any head.


So what’s your pleasure!?





Hats and brims? …

An asymmetrical, face-flattering frame can be provided by a hat,

handfelted or sewn from felt strips.  Or by a topless brim! Your hair could be teased to

peek out above, or a scarf could be draped over the head, Garbo-style, kept in place

by the brim. Just sitting on your head, without ado, a brim looks great




Caps, helmets, headwarmers, berets?

Helmet-like caps insulate the head well enough for polar expeditions – or for bicycling in the winter - crocheted with felt strips, or sewn from thick felt and printed.

Year-round fun caps are light and playful, colourful and cheeky, each an individual at a low price.

MutMützen – courage caps – provide comfort and a cheerful reflection for women who have to keep their heads well tempered during or recovering from illness.





Hoods and headbands, too,

constructed from plain, upcycled industrial felt remnants or handfelted on drapable

fabric, both can keep ears warm but also serve as collars.






Decorative exclamation points!

Indoors or out, peppy little discs can be worn over one eyebrow, each a stage for bows, flowers, feathers, found objects or any textile arrangement. They can be elegant or whimsical and suited to any occasion and outfit. Conversation starters!

A fun arrangement can be sitting on the head even without a base, just a wispy knot of felt or curl of leather. 





Prices from 25 (colored caps, head bands) and 150 ,
hand washable